Core Values for a Startup

I began my entrepreneurial journey in June 2018 as an Incubatee at NSRCEL in IIM Bangalore. We were the top 100 women selected, from over 6000 applications from all over India as a part of WSP(Women’s Startup Program). We had rigorous boot camps at IIM Bangalore prior to selection where we were given assignments.

One of the tasks was to create a video and speak about the top 3 core values of our startup. When one starts the journey with just an idea in ones mind, it is difficult to think far ahead about values of a startup that is yet to be formed. But I had worked for various organizations over the years and I asked myself, what were the core 3 values that mattered the most?

In this video below, I share my perspective:

Recently I had doubts in my mind while taking a decision for Morai. Then I thought about the 3 core values and the doubts disappeared.

In the rush of building things and finding solutions, we often forget little things that are immensely valuable. Sometimes it is necessary to pause a little and indulge in such exercise, to build strong foundations for our startups.


The Morai Journey


We are incubated at NSRCEL in IIM Bangalore since Jun 2018 as a part of the WSP(Women’s Startup Programme). WSP is supported by Goldman Sachs and the DST, GOI.

NSRCEL WSP Graduation

Pic: With Infosys co-founder NS Raghavan on WSP Graduation Day at IIM

About 6000 women from all over India applied (some already running their small businesses and some starting with just an idea) in March 2018. In April, 300 participants were shortlisted for the first boot camp. In May, after pitching their ideas to a panel, 100 female entrepreneurs were further shortlisted for incubation. More details here:

We at Morai, believe that information access is key to making smarter choices. Hence, we provide technology based solutions that empower people with accurate, contextual and reliable data. Our solutions range from building software, basic websites, content creation to more sophisticated automated solutions using chatbots and webrtc. The team at Morai brings 15 years of experience in the software industry.

Our broad level focus is to address the citizen services like public information and grievance redressal. However, if your business needs any software assistance like building a chatbot, suggestions on improving your website or building software from scratch, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to know more about your requirements and offer the best solution that fits your needs.