City Events Calendar

One of the inspirations behind coming up with a city web portal was visiting an event in the city with poor footfall. So, covering city events on the city portal was a no brainer. Most people aren’t aware about what is happening in the city. Not everybody reads the newspaper daily, there are visitors from out of town, all newspapers may not even cover every event in the city. There are a few websites purely dedicated for events, but most often they focus only on tier-1 cities. There are Facebook events and whatsapp groups, but again that is limited to a certain minuscule set of people in the group.  To overcome all these limitations, we set aside one page for events.

Now, the next challenge was that the events on most websites aren’t displayed in a user friendly manner. Most events are displayed with date and venue in big paragraphs. Such bulky content isn’t convenient to read or remember. I asked myself, “Would it be more convenient to see events marked on a calendar?” Afterall, calendars help us plan better and show events summary at one glance.

So here is how we cover City Events.

The events page calendar as seen on a big screen – desktop/ laptop


The events page calendar as seen on a mobile.


Clicking on the date on the city events calendar, displays the event posters for that day on a scrolling page – one after another, as shown below:


The response to the City Events Calendar has been great so far, with a few event organizers submitting their city events for inclusion and other users finding it very easy to navigate.

Check out the city events calendar here:

If you have any suggestions/ ideas for us or would like to submit your city event for inclusion on the city calendar, please reach out to us at

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