Bringing Social Transformation via Education

Education is a necessity for making social transformation. According to constitution of India, ‘Right to Education’ is a fundamental right. In India, 65% of students go to Government Schools. I too studied at one such school – Kendriya Vidyalaya (Central School). My fee was negligible, but the quality of education and the dedication of my teachers was paramount. It helped mould young minds like mine well.

According to the survey report by the Department of Education, the number of school dropouts has increased by five folds in Government schools in Karnataka this year. Some of the reasons attributed for dropping out of school were – Migration, Disinterest in studies, Domestic work, Illness, Distance to school, Neglect towards girl child’s education etc

While it was disheartening to see the survey results, efforts taken by a few warriors to fight this problem offer a glimmer of hope. An article in Edex magazine highlighted how some people are imparting the value of education and motivating more kids to enrol in schools.

The entire article is here:

One of the stories that caught my attention was that of Venkatesh who brought many child labourers working in sericulture industry, back to schools.

Here, in his own words:

“Last year a sericulture factory near Hoskote had child labourers working in it. When we spoke to the owner, he was not ready to let them go as the parents were given money and had signed a two-year agreement. But we convinced him and told him that we will repay him. Later, the children were enrolled in school and we felicitated the owner for letting the children go to school. He did not even take the amount from us. He realised that their future is very important”

Child Education

This is inspiring at many levels.The root cause of the problem was identified and dealt with head on. Offering to pay for the children’s two year agreement showed the dedication and commitment towards the cause. Felicitating the owner for letting the kids study instead of reprimanding him for hiring them earlier, brought about a big transformation in his outlook.

Sometimes ordinary people doing extraordinary things, teach you more about patience, commitment, dedication, negotiation and transformation.

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